Downtown Savvy

Project Details:
The Downtown Savvy application will maximize the features of your iPhone in order to find the best restaurants and bars in different cities. Downtown Savvy provides embedded maps, it points out the bars and restaurants that are close to you at any given moment, it gives you reviews of your favorite bars and restaurants, it provides contact and payment information, menus, specials of the day and pictures of restaurants and bars in several cities. This application has features that allow you to recommend to your friends your favorite restaurants and bars via email. If you are serious about food and good restaurants and bars, this application is a must. The slick looking interface will allow you to search by geographically proximity, by category (American, French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, etc…), by keyword (for example: oysters, pizza, steak, sushi, tapas, or search by chefs name or by name of owner), or by alphabetical order. If you are not in the mood for searching you can use the “suggestions” feature which will provide an endless list of suggestions from our database. You can also access additional information such as menus and daily specials of establishments that pay to publish this information. With this feature you can search what restaurant is serving bouillabaisse soup in New York or find osso buco in Boston. Our interface is user friendly, cool and very efficient. Our list of places includes reviews of the most exclusive bars and restaurants. Downtown Savvy compiles information of establishments throughout different price ranges and different types of food. The only thing in common between all these places is their great food and wine, their selection of the most famous chefs in the world and their sophisticated design. This application was created for people looking for the ultimate food and drink experience. Service available in New York and Boston. Other cities will follow.