iPad Game Development

No doubt that gaming makes a high percentage of entertainment sources in today’s world. The gaming industry has already reached new heights with amazing multiplayer games involving high-end graphics and mind-boggling strategy implementations. In a scenario like this, a device that provides a screen as wide as a normal PC and the handiness of a mobile phone in addition to the normal Smartphone features can really take the gaming experience to a completely new extent.

iPad Game Developer at IAP knows the future of the gaming industry and understand the capabilities of iPad to make use of its features making gaming an engrossing experience.

Keeping this in mind we develop interesting multiplayer as well as single player games using our expertise in iPhone and iPad game development and molding it to the requirements of the iPad.
During our iPad game development we take care of fostering following gaming environment;

  • Sports rich backgrounds/scenarios
  • Pose challenging game situations
  • Highly interactive
  • Highly engaging
  • Creative and out-of-the-box
  • Powerful enough
  • Speedy in playing
  • Sporty in nature
  • Games with 3D Graphics


Gaming features of iPad

  • The larger screen size and screen control real estate opens up a whole new range of game design possibilities.
  • Play game with rotating the iPad; this is possible due to accelerometer
  • Capacity to produce far better results while using high-resolution graphics
  • Better processor means more horsepower for game developers and Players
  • Higher storage capacity, 32 GB to 64GB
  • It’s own A4 chip is an additional feature

If you are an avid lover of games and if you are looking to make your iPad loaded with games that will freshen up your mind, energize your body and entertain you to no extent, then Contact us and let us provide you with the right kind of game.

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