Apple iPad – A New Wave of change in the way surfing the Internet

iPad is an innovative device. It can be used as web browser, e-book reader, movie player, photo album, photo frame, jukebox, gaming machine and so many others. Its functionality and use-abilities are due to its hardware components as well as software made for it. We can not make differences in hardware parts but we certainly enhance its performance by applying right set of software for it.

Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is a biggest plus point for iPad. E-mailing is one of the most sought after activity for an internet connected device. Emailing is quite different experience for iPad then desktop or even with iPhone. With iPhone you have fixed layout content like in a book and they are set in one column space where as in iPad you have extra space you can set your mail in two column view as possible in desktop views. One column will show list of all emails and another one will show content of your selected email. Content are flowing freely and flexible so you can read your mail in detail after zooming in its main content o the selected mail. If you choose right email apps you can get custom features for it.

3G compatible

iPad has an additional advantage in form of assisted GPS. You can get advantages from this feature and device apps working based on geo-location. Suppose an insurance company wants to locate their nearby centers to get its services then it can offer its customers to their especially developed apps. Car company can offer locations of the fuel centers or repairing service centers for their customers. Food chain store can help their patrons by exactly locating nearby food chain restaurant.

Business Apps

iPad is not only fun device it can contributes your business too. Suppose you are a fleet owner and want to have apps useful for your business you can have it. If your fleet drivers are equipped with iPhone or iPad you will have exact location on the world map. You will have data related to their trucks or fleet in your palm. For instance, you can know how many mileages run your fleet? What is the duty status of your fleet? What much you are earning with this trip? You will have all data related to your vehicles like status of fuel, breaks, air compressor, battery etc. This way you can not only save your business from the theft but also from the losses due to ignorance of important mechanical aspects.

Sales tracking

Sale tracking is an important activity for many like commercials, communicators, entrepreneurs and self employed. iPad can be effectively used for this purpose. You can track product sale, marketing campaign or media relation by creating indicators on it. You can see the product distribution on pie slice. Your sales evolutions measures on charts over a period of time. You can check history of events related to your products for instance versions, price change, etc. You can compare performance of different versions of marketing campaign. You can measure the gap between number of your surveys and the number of project that eventually succeed. Media relationship can be evaluated through evaluating the impact of an article publication on the number of sales. Confront the numbers of articles written on websites compare to those submitted to the press. Calculate the efficiency of different language versions of press releases.
Such examples of business apps are numerous and unimaginable so choose better one that suits your personal or professional needs.

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