About Us

Although, the look and the feel of Apple iPad is quite similar to that of iPhone and iPad Touch, it needs special attention while developing applications for iPad has comparatively larger screen and high end graphics. Thus, conclusively, it should be done with the help of experienced and professional developers.

iPad Application Programmer is a fully dedicated team of experienced iphone and xcode programmers working for iPhone and xcode applications for more than 3 years. We have successfully delivered a number of applications for iPhone over the years and now we have come to understand the new intricacies of iPad, putting us in a position from where we can provide apt solutions customized to your needs and requirements.

iPad applications might need new strategies and new set of knowledge and implementation, but iPad Application Programmers have already explored the new waters and are ready to help you provide with your desired results. Our team of enthusiastic and creative programmers is willing to take any challenge that comes its way to achieve high proficiency and accuracy.

Our services:

  1. Optimizing existing apps for iPhone into an iPad suited app.
  2. Create new applications for iPad.
  3. Get more feature rich applications for:
    • Book publishing
    • Games
    • Maps and Navigation
    • Music
    • Business
    • Multimedia
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Healthcare
    • Lifestyle
    • Photography
    • Social networking
    • Travel
    • Weather


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